Listing Tood Kit: Betsy 18160 Lakeview

The Modern Open House Tool Kit with all kinds of information about this property.

  1. We start with the TV Commercial, Trailor
  2. Virtual Tour Link
  3. What is the difference in Payment and Cash to Close based on various purchase prices? Most people recognize the payment and Cash are not as significant as one might think when it is on paper. Please note we have used OBMMI Average prices when this is created. Precise payments can be presented upon request.
  4. Featured on TV Flyer with Demographic Information
  5. Visit our Open House Flyer with Demographic Information
  6. Sign Rider that Can be Printed/Displayed in the House with QR Code
  7. Real Estate Report Card for that Specific Zip Code
  8. Market Report for the Specific Zip Code
  9. A Financing Program that allows one to Secure their New Home before this property sells. The Geneva Transition Loan

To maximize your benefits, we DO NOT recommend handing out flyers. Suggest your guests scan the QR codes. This will get both of us the contact information. We will follow up with the Virtual Tour and a Client Dashboard with materials for them. Obviously, we do this co-branded so we can both earn business.

This is not an offer to lend.


"Ron has amazing insight into the financial and real estate markets."

doug waldman

"Great services. Communicative , well educated and was very helpful overall. Highly recommend"

samantha dalby

"Looking forward to partnering with Ron for our community event (Open House on June 23rd, 2024) at American Legion Post 132!"

diana trujillo